Sunday, October 5, 2008

Refute this, please.

There is suffering that is not the fault of the person afflicted or any other person (tornadoes, asteroids falling from space, American Idol.)

If there is a God, he must be aware of this, by definition.

If he is not able to stop this suffering, then he is not worthy of the name.

If he is able to end this suffering, and he chooses not to, then he is not worthy of our worship.

Therefore, if God does exist, he is either so weak as to be useless, or so distant and removed as to be nothing more than a tyrant.



Jane said...

the way one views life and etc depends on what one believes. as a former christian, i have believed that things were perfect and then lead to disorder as a consequence of human "sin" we deserve all of the sufferings. god does not condemn the guilty and you must agree that no one is innocent, however God is supposedly merciful and thus does not let us go through it all.

we associate suffering as bad and not good but "God's" definition of good is not the same as our own limited definitions.

"Suffering is a catalyst that produces spiritual change. God intends suffering to draw you into His loving arms. Satan (a very real foe), however, tries to use hardship as a wedge to pry you away from God. As a result, whenever a crisis enters your life, so does the temptation to doubt God’s love, goodness, and faithfulness. You are then faced with a crucial, daily decision. Will you trust God to work in your circumstances or turn your back on Him as you seek relief or comfort in other ways? Your faith in God and attitude toward Him ultimately determine whether your trials will make you a better person or serve as tools for your destruction.

suffering=irreplaceable and effective knowledge, refines character, etc.

"Do not pray for easy lives but pray to be stronger men. Do not pray for tasks commensurate with your strength. Pray for strength commensurate with your tasks. Then the doing of your work shall be no miracle, but you shall be a miracle. Every day you shall wonder at yourself—at the richness of life which has come to you by the grace of God." phillips brooks

"ask not for a lighter load but for a stronger to endure. so that you, not the doing of your work, becomes the miracle."

don't you admire those people who have triumphed under trials and sufferings? how impressive they are and look down on those who had it easy?

so some believe that suffering is a blessing. "a set back is only a set up for a come back."

if you believe this, then God is most definitely worthy, strong, and caring.

a very optimist and beautiful perspective don't you think?

however, i can see both sides. "the question is whether to view the universe as for or against you"
~albert einstein


jar jar said...

I really think the new star wars TV show is actually a step in the right direction. No longer bothered by core storyline, we can branch out and go deeper into the universe. It puts a more in depth perspective of the goings on of a people caught in a conflict of galactic proportions

Elena said...

Dear Lord, where do I begin? Is this the alternate Con Law question from the Summer 2008 bar exam?

I shall begin with a reference to the prayer "Footprints". . . .

And end with the following question: Was this the night you dropped acid?

Anonymous said...

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