Thursday, October 18, 2007

Newsflash to Asian guys who are pissed about white dudes taking their women:

We don't give a fuck. Sorry. You can pee in our coke and add broccoli to our tso's until the year of the goat or whatever the fuck it is, we are still going to desire your women. That is what we do. It's not fair; it's not right; it just is. Just as Teddy Roosevelt and his rough riders tamed the vast, virgin western states, so too do white guys see it as their manifest destiny to pluck at least one pristine, unspoiled asian flower.

Look at the Vietnam war; it took a decade and 70,000 lives. Yet there is one thing that all can agree on, vets and draft dodgers alike: the women in Saigon were all fucking 11's. Imagine, killing gooks all day and then banging their women at night. No wonder they were so pissed. Every punji stick crammed up a GI's ass saved one VC regular from a 3.62 mm round and one gorgeous Vietnamese woman from a case of HPV. Christ, WW2 was over 50 years ago and we STILL have 20,000 troops on Okinawa. (Lucky fucks.) Now, you contrast that with the Bosnian thing, or even Gulf War I, where there were no whores to be found: We got the fuck out as soon as we could. What do both of these places have? Nasty women. Bosnia has a bunch of fat, hairy eurotrash who smell like pickled-herring. And Iraq...I guarantee you that for most of those women, the burqa's are an improvement.

The only reasonable explanation, then, has to be the quality of the whores. The American soldier can have all the fancy equipment and gung-ho training in the world, but without top-shelf asian pussy, we don't stand a chance.


Jane said...

do you have some sort of asian fetish/anti-asian feelings?

i noticed that you write of tangent topics more than a few times.

Anonymous said...

Thank u :) look at this emo boy style at this blog: